Cloud services mean many different things to different people, and with an ever-growing number of providers within the market place businesses are finding it harder and harder to understand the differences between these providers (other than on cost and even that’s not always clear cut), make sure in selecting the right partner for their business, and transition services smoothly.

SMB Tech can be described as a number of things, a Cloud Services Broker, Cloud Integrator, Cloud Aggregator depending on which analyst or market provider you speak to. Ultimately any of these classifications would be apt, so we don’t mind how we are classified, just how our customers see us. As a business we provide our customers with impartial guidance in terms of Cloud vendor selection and direction through our consulting practice, we enable them to migrate services to the Cloud smoothly and without being locked to a single provider and we give them a single point of support, billing and management of that infrastructure across multiple providers.

Never has the phrase “Can’t see the wood for the trees” been more appropriate than for the Cloud Services market. Our role is as a partner to our customers, we do not provide traditional infrastructure (although we have heritage there) and we aren’t locked to a single Cloud Services Provider. We do enable consumption of Cloud services from the most appropriate provider(s) with clear and transparent cost models that match the expectation of your business


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