SMB Tech’ mission is to help our customers plot a path through the complicated world that has become “Cloud”. The term “Cloud” has been overused and complicated by IT Companies trying to sell their branded solutions. At its base level Cloud is just another way of consuming the different elements of IT (e.g Backup, Compute, Storage etc) with no hard and fast rules about how much the business has to commit – there is no one size fits all approach.

SMB Tech’ aim is to enable its customers to see the wood for the trees; supporting our customers so that they make the right decision for their individual business, identifying which services are suited to a Cloud delivery model, working with our customers to transition to the Cloud, and even providing the link in to a host of Cloud Providers. Working as an aggregation layer for our customers we provide transparency in terms of the cost to deliver a service, and performance of the providers for the customer.

Our independence enables us to work on behalf of our customers and not on behalf a technology Provider. This is the bedrock of our business and we engage with our customers on a consultative basis in order to identify the readiness of the organisation/service to transition to a Cloud environment, plan a low risk transition and execute on that plan.

SMB Tech not only consult, but we have the capability to execute against the strategy that we have worked with our customers to define and enable a consistent service for our customers without them being tied to a single Cloud Provider.
“How can you better resource the IT related activities that are not core to your business?”

Whether you think that Cloud is the Future, or that it is massive hype that will shortly blow away, there is a fair chance you will be either drafting or implementing some form of Cloud Strategy. The essence of a cloud computing strategy boils down to the point mentioned above, so it is worth giving it some serious thought as your competitors definitely will be.

Most CxO’s are keeping themselves up to date on what is happening on Cloud with events, meetings or briefing, but a great deal of that information will be biased based on who the presenter is and what company they are trying to promote. For example Microsoft, Google and Amazon are likely to be recommending their view of Cloud. However, to make an effective cloud strategy, you need to look beyond the hype and also take a realistic view of where to use Cloud and also its shortcoming. Unfortunately, Cloud is such an overused term that it has now been tagged on to everything to encompass almost anything that is connected with IT. So, making an effective strategy for such a vast canvas can be a daunting task, which is one of the main reasons SMB Tech was started, to add that independent voice in the Cloudy wilderness.

SMB Tech has a background of building and deploying internal and external Cloud Solutions and due to the nature of our business, and the fact we have no investment in a multi-million pound data centre that we are trying to fill, we are able to provide independent and objective advice. SMB Tech work with our customers to help build a strategy that meets their short, medium and long term goals for internal, external and hybrid clouds without talking about any vendors or any specific providers.

As an example, four areas that should be considered in any plans around Cloud strategies are;

  • Should “cost savings” be one of the strategic objectives?
  • Is there a business case for increasing the flexibility and agility of your IT operation?
  • Do you need to leverage the distributed nature of the cloud?
  • Does your information need to be stored in a specific region?

You have to decide which of your applications are of strategic importance to you, which of them have embedded code which you consider as your key IPR and which of them use data that are of critical business value.