Not all Cloud providers are created equally; they each have their own unique benefits with some being more suited to certain application and deployment scenarios than others. As cloud computing evolves, combinations of cloud services will be too complex and untrustworthy for end consumers to handle their integration.

Media devices hanging from clouds

For your business to gain the most benefit from using Cloud Services, we believe that the use of multiple Cloud services will be necessary to ensure that your Cloud deployments provide you the best performance at the best value.

The challenge however is how to strike a balance so that the blend of internal infrastructure, IT services and Cloud services doesn’t lead to an unmanageable management overhead in terms of operational support and vendor management, but also in terms of future developments.

SMB Tech work with our customers to make the consumption of Cloud services simple, and we do that in three ways:

In most cases public Cloud infrastructure providers are focussed on giving you the most efficient compute resources that they can, at the lowest cost point possible.

Through intermediation we provide our customers a service that directly enhances the standard compute and infrastructure that the provider delivers, essentially adding value on top of a given service to enhance some specific capability. This can include areas such as perimeter security, identity management, access management or service elements like automated DR and monitoring.

As part of our intermediation approach we are also able to supervise pricing and billing for you.

Aggregation is about providing the data integration, process integrity or intermediation needed to bring multiple services together. We combine multiple point services into one aggregated service. It ensures that data is modelled across all component services and integrated as well as ensuring the movement and security of data between the service consumer and multiple providers.

Cloud service arbitrage is similar to cloud service aggregation. The difference between them is that the services being aggregated aren’t fixed. Ultimately the goal of arbitrage is to provide flexibility and opportunistic choices over the backend Cloud Service Provider, whilst maintaining a single point of service delivery and cost management.

What sits between you and the Cloud will become increasingly more important and a critical success factor as your use of those Cloud services grows in order to be able to manage and govern those services the use of a Cloud Services Broker like SMB Tech will increase your ability to consume these services in a trustworthy way. Our approach brings you the following benefits:

  • Consistent service delivery model
  • Flexibility over backend providers to avoid Lock-In
  • Single point of orchestration, billing, support and management
  • Improved speed of consumption

All of this is done independently of any single provider, enabling your business to consume Cloud services from the most appropriate providers with a transparent and flexible cost model.