Two common concerns that organisations considering the move to Cloud services often voice are:

1. Do I have to rebuild and re-platform my application before I can migrate? And if I do, does that kill my business case?
2. If I migrate to the Cloud, how do I avoid getting locked into a single Cloud infrastructure provider? How can I migrate applications and data between Cloud providers?

At SMB Tech, we believe that you should be able to migrate your applications across providers freely, based on the changing requirements of your business and your IT department. You should be able to do this without having to forklift upgrade applications in the process.

So how do SMB Tech help our customers to overcome these challenges?

People & Process

Information Puzzle

Too many times organisations embark on a transformational programme and focus on the technology, rather than the business outcome that they’re trying to achieve or the service that they’re trying to deliver. When that happens these projects tend to be technically delivered to specification but miss the mark when it comes to giving the business what they actually want.

SMB Tech are able to provide you with experienced resources that are able to help your business:

  • Gather and document the requirements of your business through Business Analysis
  • Successfully manage your project rollouts through Prince Project and Programme management
  • Identify and bridge the gaps between what the business wants and what can be delivered through service transition management

These factors alongside technical capabilities mean that we reduce the service risk to your users and customers when deploying complex services.


Alongside people, toolsets play an important roll when migrating applications to the Cloud they help SMB Tech to overcome the challenges that business have around vendor lock-in and application suitability.

Combinations of toolsets help us to migrate new and legacy applications, regardless of their state (i.e. whether they’re physical or virtual applications) and their hypervisor and Operating Systems to nearly any Cloud infrastructure without the need for you to fundamentally change your applications. In some circumstances we can even upgrade the Operating System for a specific application as part of the process.

Because we turn your applications into virtual application appliances abstracted from the hypervisor level, we’re able to maintain portability of your application sets so that you’re not tied to any one provider. Should you wish to migrate those applications it can be done with minimal fuss significantly faster than a traditional application redeployment.