Why Is It important

Although you have a completed design based on best practices, often there are nuances of your application, use patterns, or configuration which may result in the implemented design failing to meet production criteria. In order to ensure that your move to the cloud yields the expected benefits, you want to ensure that your infrastructure is up to the task.

Our Approach

SMB Tech follows a proven methodology to take your initial cloud design and transform into a production capable virtual infrastructure. As part of the implementation, SMB Tech not only implements the design as per the documentation, but then tests for functional, performance, and availability compliance. If the implementation of the initial design does not pass requirements, SMB Tech executes root cause analysis, design iteration, re-implementaion, and again re-tests for compliance. This process ultimately ends with the certification of a production ready infrastructure.

  • Initial implementation
  • Functional/Performance/Availability Testing
  • Design Iteration
  • Final Implementation
  • Final Testing


  • Iterated design documents

  • Functional, tested infrastructure

  • Completed test results

  • Final implementation

  • Documented final configuration