Why Is It important

You have designed and implemented your new self-service infrastructure and are ready for users to jump on board. Generally, user adoption is a slow process. The goal here to market the new infrastructure to the relevant parties, ensure adoption, and remove any assorted rogue virtual environments. Of course, this must be done while still meeting end-user requirements. The result will be an IT manageable environment that end-users are happy to use.

Our Approach

SMB Tech follows a proven methodology to rollout the self-service infrastructure. We emphasize careful planning and proof-of-concept testing prior to production availability. A chance of a successful vRealize automation rollout is greatly enhanced with well-designed rollout process.

  • Project Planning
  • Cutover Planning
  • Cutover Proof of Concept
  • End User Acceptance
  • Risk Mitigation


  • Self-Service Cutover Planning

  • Production Implementation Support

  • Test Plans and Testing

  • Cutover