Why Is It important

Server Virtualization has changed the way that IT manages its server, storage, and network infrastructure. The ability to provision servers in minutes instead of days or weeks has transformed IT agility. However, virtual machine sprawl has become a prevalent problem affecting many virtual environments. The speed of provisioning and the frequent lack of governance cause virtual machines to be created and orphaned. VMs run and consume resources but the IT staff normally has no idea why they were created or if anyone is using them. These servers end up in limbo waiting for IT staff to do a thorough examination of the history of these servers.

Our Approach

SMB Tech will help you asses your cloud management goals and objectives to discover the best strategy to manage your virtual infrastructure.

For VMware environments, vRealize Automation (formally vCloud Automation Center(vCAC)) and vRealize Orchestrator (formally vCenter Orchestrator) can automate the delivery of infrastructure and application services. This can provide stellar business agility while still controlling virtual resource sprawl. SMB Tech can analyze your current VMware environment and help develop a strategy to make it agile, efficient, and user friendly without ignoring governance.

Besides providing self-service for your VMware private cloud, you may also provision virtual machines to Amazon Web Services, vCloud Director, and Openstack. This allows for a one-stop shop for self-service provisioning while allowing IT to have visibility into the consumed resources.

Utilizing the vCAC plugin for Orchestrator, “anything as a service” (XaaS) can be achieved. vRealize Automation includes an Advanced Services Designer interface that allows the VMware administrator to advertise any Orchestrator script as a self-service catalog item in your service catalog. This functionality opens up a world of possibilities since Orchestrator has many plug-ins to interface with other services such as PowerShell, Active Directory, and SQL.

SMB Tech can help you achieve success utilizing the advanced functionality provided by vRealize Automation and Orchestrator by providing a strategy on how to deploy a distributed deployment and how to rollout a self-service portal to enable automated access to your public and private cloud infrastructure.


  • Readiness Assessment

  • Cloud Strategy Roadmap

  • Cloud Implementation Roadmap

  • Cloud Management Plan

  • Cloud Support Plan